Update for Temporary Importation Permits (TIPs) in Baja

RV motorhome baja TIP

The states of Baja California & Baja California Sur are still free zones and do not require a temporary importation permit (TIP) for a vehicle as long as you have your FMM and are driving down and coming back with your vehicle (even if it’s an RV).

Mexico customs wants to verify that all vehicles are legal in the country. Here are the current TIP rules for vehicles and RVs being stored in Baja California:

-If you plan to leave a motorhome, RV, or 5th wheel in storage in Baja, a TIP is now required. You can obtain a 10-year TIP and will be legal in storage as long as you have current registration and license plates (even if the owner is out of the country). You should leave the current registration with the storage manager/owner so they can act on your behalf if needed.

-Golf carts being brought into Baja need to have a TIP. This must be done through a customs broker.

-Cars and motorcycles being left in storage in Baja do NOT need a TIP as long as registration and license plates are current.

-If you have a home in México and leave your vehicles there, you do not need a TIP as long as the vehicle is not on the street and always has current license plates and registration.

-If you already have a “precautionary seize” or warning, you have 10 working days to show proof that the vehicle has a TIP. If not, you can designate the storage owner or other person to obtain the TIP on your behalf. The owner/manager of the storage can get their TIPs issued directly at the customs agency since they are the legal representative. They can start the process with copies of documents, but once their permit is going to be issued, they do need original documents. If you have your vehicle in precautionary seize, you can not do your TIP online since there is already a case open on your vehicle.

-If you leave your vehicle at a marina or airport and travel within Mexican territory by boat or plane, you do NOT need to get a TIP (as long as the vehicle has current registration and license plates).

-Each person may only have one TIP issued in the same category. So you can have a TIP for your RV and another TIP for your car, but may not have two TIPs for two cars.

TIPs can be obtained at the border or in Pichilingue in La Paz.

Other Reminders about TIPs:

-If you plan to travel in Mainland Mexico, you MUST have a TIP for your vehicle

-TIPs for vehicles and motorcycles are valid for the duration of your FMM, so 180 days. Boats and RVs can obtain a TIP for 10 years.

-All boats over 14.7 feet crossing into Baja require a TIP (which can be obtained for 10 years). For more information about boat TIPs, please visit our Temporary Boat Importation page.

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