Culinary Corner May 2021

Ensenada’s Plaza de Santo Tomás Inaugurated

Ensenada inaugurated its first street that is exclusively for pedestrian use. It is the Plaza de Santo Tomás, located on Miramar Street, between Sixth and Seventh. As the oldest winery in the region, the Bodegas de Santo Tomás has over 130 years of history in Baja with its namesake original winery in the Valle de Santo Tomás, another winery location in Valle de Guadalupe, and this third winery space in the heart of Ensenada. They converted many unused industrial spaces in the old winery and bottling plant into small storefronts for small restaurants, stores with artisanal local gastronomic products, intimate bars, and cultural spaces. The Santo Tomás winery is still there as is a large wine store. The focus for the project is creating a communal space for the people of Ensenada to come together to appreciate and celebrate the region’s rich culture and historical heritage.


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Photo courtesy Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta’s Cauliflower Tacos Al Pastor Recipe

If you’re looking for a deliciously refreshing and perfect summer taco recipe, try Rancho La Puerta’s cauliflower tacos al pastor. The vegan recipe substitutes garbanzo beans and cauliflower for the pork, which are marinated and roasted in adobo and then topped with roasted pineapple salsa to get that perfect savory but sweet taste of a traditional al pastor taco. Get the recipe here.


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Baja’s New Italian Grape Ale

The best of the Baja wine and beer worlds have collided with a newly released Italian Grape Ale, a hybrid of 30% sauvignon blanc and 70% blonde ale.  The collaboration was developed by Malia Ocean Bar between winemaker Lulu Martínez (currently of Bruma winery) and Bruer Brewery Malia. The specialized beverage, called “Hija de Lechero,” is crafted in Ensenada and can be found at Malia Ocean Bar. Learn more here.


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Diego Hernández’s La Bête Noire Restaurant

The latest project of Chef Diego Hernandez (of Corazón de Tierra) is curating the menu at the intimate and chic La Bête Noire in downtown Ensenada. The bar/restaurant is dedicated to artisanal cocktails, local and well-crafted cuisine, and good music. Accompanying the food crafted by Chef Hernandez, the cocktail menu is designed by Parisian bartender Alexandra Purcaru, and the music (played on vinyl through an impressive sound system) is selected by Dr. González. By local decree they cannot offer beverage service without food. No reservations are accepted, so arrive on the early side. Open Thursday-Monday 5pm-midnight at Calle Miramar 666 in the Santo Tomás Plaza. For more information, visit the La Bête Noire website.









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