Restaurant Review: Refresquería Sussy

By Jeremy Horne


Refresquería Sussy

Calle Puerto Peñasco –  Mar Japon and Mar Egeo
Ampliación Segunda Secc,
21850 San Felípe, B.C.
Open: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Closed Sunday



Located on a relatively sparsely populated stretch of a main street in San Felipe, Baja California is Refresquería Sussy.

While the menu and the sign outside sign say “Sussy’s” this is Spanish for “Susy’s.” The Urban Dictionary says “sussy” means “a gift or small present.” You surely will get a gift of pleasure here, but it by no means will be small. Upon entering, the waitperson will hand you the menu.



At first glance, it looks ordinary. However, the reality is radically and positively and refreshingly different. Perhaps this is, in part, due to the restaurant having a new owner, Patricia Pimentel Gonzalez, who has a passion for fine eating and a desire for others to experience the same. My first contact was having delivered to me a plate of chiles rellenos (cheese-stuffed peppers) that bulged over the edges of their take-out box and can be described only as “scrumptious.”  The caldo papas (potato soup) gives a new, enlightening, and upbeat meaning to “potato.”  Never will they be the same for me. There is one dessert positively addicting, the rice pudding, and I confess that I ate the whole liter of it. I thought I knew what “arroz” meant and normally would have avoided it because it is normally too plain. Not now. Refresquería Sussy will effervescently rid you of a lot of pre-conceived ideas about traditionally-named Mexican entrees.

I am far from being a chef and, in fact, positively dangerous when even approaching a kitchen. Fire departments cheer when I eat out. Yet, having lived in numerous large cities, like Phoenix, Mexico City, and Washington, D.C., I know what a five-star restaurant is and can say that Refresquería Sussy qualifies, at least for me. Without a doubt, I can give a review of this fantastic eatery by the following:

1) The unique style of cooking of traditional Mexican fare not found anywhere else in San Felipe. Their cook is unbelievable;
2) Cooking that is not over or under-spiced. (Many places here put too much salt in their food. Not Refresquería Sussy.);
3) Quantities far exceeding any other restaurant I have eaten at in San Felipe;
4) Economical prices;
5) Each meal is well-balanced.

Aside from eating in, Sussy’s offers:

  • take-out
  • home delivery
  • catering

The exact location can be seen below in the image from Google Maps.



When going there, be looking for a sign between the side streets of Mar Japon and Mar Egeo on the southwest side of Calle Puerto Peñasco like this:



There is plenty of parking.

While the restaurant is just getting started, already Facebook visitors are commenting wildly in favor of Sussy’s, and it would not be surprising to see it all going “viral.” You may visit their Facebook page or find more information at Pueblos America.

I’ll see you there, as I am closing up my kitchen.

Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.
…an old professor, instead of dishing it out, eating dishes





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