From the Archives: On Top of “Red Mountain”



Jenny’s Jaunt’s—A Kid’s-Eye View of Baja


Did you ever notice the big red mountain just south of the village of L.A. Bay? Well, I have and I’ve always wanted to climb it.

Last New Year’s Eve I had a chance. It was a beautiful day in L.A. Bay—not a cloud in the sky although there was a strong North Wind.

The hike up is a fairly easy one that can be made within an hour. The first part is switch-backs, and it is rocky along much of the path. We made it to the top in forty-five minutes. Then we had a short snack near the grave of Señora Carmelita de Rodriguez Viedma, the lady who is buried on top.

Once on top, there is a beautiful view of the bay and the islands, and Guardian Angel Island protecting them all.

Then the wind started to pick up and we decided to start our trip down. It was an easier, and faster trip down, and we headed back to cam to rest and get ready for the big New Year’s Eve celebration in the village.



Originally published in the March 1993 Discover Baja newsletter (original article below). In photo are Hugh, Carol, David, and Jenny Kramer, with Tom and Lynn Mitchell.


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