Culinary Corner July 2020


“Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy” Documentary

Considered the leading expert on Mexican cuisine, Diana Kennedy is the author of nine acclaimed cookbooks and is a two-time James Beard Award winner. This new documentary about Kennedy’s life and work features extensive interviews with her as well as with chefs José Andrés, Rick Bayless, Gabriela Camara and Alice Waters. Now available for streaming online.


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Archive of Mexican Recipes

If you’re at home and missing the delicious food of Baja California and Mexico in general, we’ve got some of our favorite recipe resources for you to check out. Serious cooking and history buffs will appreciate that The University of Texas San Antonio has a Mexican Cookbook Collection that includes more than 2,000 cookbooks, dating all the way back to 1789. A large selection of the material has been digitalized and is available online for free, including the extremely rare 1828 cookbook, Arte Nuevo de Cocina y Repostería Acomodado al Uso Mexicano, once owned by Diana Kennedy. For some more modern recipes, as we’ve mentioned before, Chef Rick Bayless (who is a huge fan and aficionado of Baja California cuisine) has a wonderful collection of Baja recipes on his website. The Culinary Institute of America put together an invaluable PDF of Baja recipes that includes the peninsula’s classic dishes as well as specialties from some of Baja’s top chefs like Javier Plascencia and Diego Hernández. ¡Buen provecho!


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Best Baja California Cookbooks

If you’re looking to grow your culinary library, we’ve curated some of our favorite Baja and Mexican cookbooks on our Amazon store. Findings include the new “The Baja California Cookbook” from Fauna’s Chef David Hussong, as well as selections from chefs Enrique Olvera, Rick Bayless, Marcela Valladolid, and more!


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Valle de Guadalupe Slowly Reopening

Some of the wineries and restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe are starting to reopen with capacity limits, health protections, and lots of restrictions in place. Please read our article for more information about what you need to know and how you can plan your visit.


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Vendimia paella fest - valle de guadalupe

2020 Valle de Guadalupe Vendimia Still TBD

There is a lot of interest in knowing if and when the 2020 Valle de Guadalupe Fiestas de la Vendimia will be taking place this year. Provino, the local wine association that hosts the festival, is still waiting to officially announce any news. We will let everyone know as soon as there is information available.





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