10 (More) Ways to Experience Baja While Staying at Home, Part 2

We’re still waiting for our (hopefully) imminent return to traveling the peninsula. In the meantime, here are some ideas to keep you connected to Baja while staying at home. If you’re looking for more ideas, see our previous edition of 10 Ways to Experience Baja While Staying at Home.


1. Brush up on your Baking Skills

There are so many Mexican pastries and desserts to work your way through baking. Those who are missing trips to the Baja bakeries will love some homemade conchas. Or try your hand at flan, churros, or buñuelos. If you’ve got someone’s birthday coming up, why not try making a tres leches cake or a sweet corn cake. Finish the corn cake up on the grill and serve with ice cream a la Finca Altozano style. ¡Buen provecho!


2. Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle

So many people are dusting off the old jigsaw puzzles these days, so why not labor over a dream destination spot? Whether you’re yearning for Mulegé, Cerritos Beach, or Cabo, there’s a Baja jigsaw puzzle for you.



3. Learn to Cook Baja California Cuisine

Beloved Baja California Chef Javier Plascencia (left) has taken to Instagram to share some videos of his favorites recipes with all of his viewers. Don’t miss out on recipes from his top restaurants like Misión 19, Finca Altozano, Jazamango, and Puerto Raíz. Acclaimed Chef David Hussong from Valle de Guadalupe’s Fauna restaurant just released a cookbook, aptly named The Baja California Cookbook so you can have a little bit of Valle de Guadalupe campestre dining from the comfort of your own home. See our full list of recommendations for Baja food + wine books.


4. Lose Yourself in a Book

Our own Discover Baja bookstore is temporarily closed right now, but we’ve created a convenient and curated list on Amazon of all of our favorite Baja books that will get you inspired for your next adventure. Whether you’re looking for a classic travelogue like Steinbeck’s The Log from the Sea of Cortez, or you’re looking to make arrangements for your next trip with the help of the new edition of the Baja Moon Handbook, we’ve got you covered. See the full list here.

5. Wine Taste with a Winemaker

The Baja California wine association, Provino, has been organizing virtual tastings with winemakers from various Valle de Guadalupe wineries. This is your chance to sip and learn alongside the winemakers from some of your favorite Baja wineries. Follow along on the Provino Facebook page for upcoming tastings and more information.


6. Mexican Board Game Night

There’s no better way to bring the family together than with board games. Some of our personal favorites include Mexican Train, Loteria, and Ochos Locos. There are plenty of games that will help you brush up on your Spanish skills too such as Spanish Bananagrams, Familia Table Topics, or Kloo. See our full list of recommendations.



7. Color a Cactus

Art is therapeutic for kids of all ages, so let’s get to coloring! There are lots of free downloads available, so find anything that strikes your fancy. Some cacti? Tropical fish? Mexican cultural icons? There are plenty of options for kids and adults alike that will get you in the Baja mood.


8. Gear up

Get excited and prepared for your next Baja adventure by perusing our Amazon store and stocking up on everything you’ll need for your next Baja trip. From emergency car items to camping gear and sport equipment, we’ve got you covered for your next road trip. See our full list here.


9. Travel Virtually

Whatever your interests, there are still ways for you to virtually experience Baja right now. Adventure cyclists will enjoy checking out the trails of Rancho Cacachilas. If you’re more of a Cabo resort type, the Velas Resort blog has an incredible assortment of articles with recipes, crafts, and wellness tips to keep you in the Mexican mindset. If you’re missing just generally being in Baja, 360 Tourist has lots of spots along the peninsula like Balandra Beach or San Ignacio Lagoon where you can visit virtually with a 360 degree look around.


10. Support a Baja Charity

If you have the ability to donate right now, there are plenty of Baja nonprofits that are gathering funds to help Baja Californians affected by COVID-19. ICF, Project Mercy Baja, and The Rotary Clubs of Ensenada are just a few organizations. There’s more information in the May Baja Bulletin.




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