January 2020 Baja Bulletin


Health Certificate No Longer Required for Driving Pets into Mexico

As of December 19, 2019, a health certificate is no longer required to drive a dog or cat into Mexico. The airlines have separate requirements and as of right now, the airport in Cabo is still requiring a health certificate for pets flying into Baja. Be sure to check with your airline about specific requirements directly before flying with a pet. Pets entering Mexico will be inspected by SENASICA upon arrival into Mexico to be sure that they are free of parasites, diseases, and wounds. For coming back to the U.S. with your pet, the U.S. does not currently require proof of rabies for pets returning from Mexico. For more information, please see the USDA website.


Changes to Seguro Popular, Mexico’s Healthcare Program

Mexico is currently undergoing changes to their healthcare program, Seguro Popular. The system for funding the program is changing as well as requirements for the program. The new system will be open to all legal residents of Mexico not covered by IMSS or ISSTE. The old signup program and enlistment fees have been eliminated and there is now zero cost to receive prescriptions or medical attention at any SP clinic, general hospital, or IMSS hospital. The scope of catastrophic care has been expanded as have limitations on pre-existing condition restrictions or age restrictions. New clinics and health centers are planned to be opened throughout the Baja peninsula.


FMM Tourist Permit Price Increase

The price of the FMM tourist permits increased in January 2020 to $575 pesos. The price for the Discover Baja prepaid FMMs will remain the same. For more information, visit our FMM page.


Project Mercy Builds Homes for Fire Victims in Tecate

Project Mercy Baja just built two homes for fire victims in Colonia Mirador in Tecate. Project Mercy built 74 homes in 2019 and are aiming to build at least 80 in 2020.To get involved or learn more, visit the Project Mercy Baja Facebook page.


Día de los Reyes & Día de la Candelaria

Mexico celebrates Día de los Reyes (Three Kings Day or the Epiphany) on January 6th each year and you may have noticed the roscas de reyes in the Mexican bakeries. These sweet rings of bread contain a hidden baby Jesus figurine that leads to hosting a tamale party in February on Día de la Candelaria for the lucky person who finds the figurine. Learn more about the history and traditions of these holidays on Mexico Cooks!


Tourist Tax in Baja California Sur

On November 9, 2019, the state of Baja California Sur began charging a tax of $350 pesos (about $18.50 US) to foreign tourists staying for more than 24 hours. The tax is payable at kiosks at the airports for visitors arriving by air. For visitors arriving by sea, the port authority can collect the tax. For travelers arriving by car, the tax can be paid at hotels or other accommodation providers. The state said that the tax is for use of infrastructure and will be used to fund social service works.


Discover Baja Has Moved Offices!

Just a reminder that we have moved offices! Our new address is 8322 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Suite 101-102, San Diego, CA 92111. We are located between Highways 805 and 163 and there is plenty of parking, even for motorhomes and towed units. Our phone numbers have remained the same but our fax number has changed to 858-430-6119.




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