The Journeys of Harry Crosby completes production in Baja California and San Diego



At 92 years old, Harry W. Crosby is a local hero, and soon-to-be national treasure. Though largely unknown outside the U.S. Southwest and Mexico,  Harry is almost single-handedly responsible for introducing the culture, history, and magic of the Baja California Peninsula to  audiences on both sides of the border.

Cinewest Productions is collaborating with the San Diego History Center to raise  funds to complete The Journeys of Harry Crosby, a one hour documentary that will bring to life the work of this pioneering photographer, explorer and historian to international audiences through Public Television, museums, and online distribution. The Journeys of Harry Crosby is being directed by award-winning filmmaker Isaac Artenstein, produced by David Richardson, with Sergio Ulloa as Director of Photography.

Harry’s journeys have resulted in six classic books that include, “The Cave Paintings of Baja California,”  “Last of the Californios” and “Antigua California.” His writings and photographs have captured the history, geography and people of this unique region, while vividly demonstrating the centuries old inter-relationship between the Californias.

The Journeys of Harry Crosby will take audiences through majestic landscapes, ancient cave paintings, colonial missions, and historic ranchos in one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. If you want to support the post-production fund and be part of this screen journey, contact Director Isaac Artenstein at:   Participate and be a guest of the filmmakers at the big-screen premiere in San Diego before its national airing on PBS.


Journeys of Harry Crosby 

Journeys of Harry Crosby Trailer from Isaac Artenstein on Vimeo.




One thought on “The Journeys of Harry Crosby completes production in Baja California and San Diego

  1. Toni Asbury says:

    I have spent many summers and trips through Baja. My great grandfather is buried in LaPaz. My grandfather-born in San Francisco moved to Baja after the 1906 earthquake.
    Looking forward to your film, Sincerely, Toni Asbury

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