The Yellow Brick Road

yellow brick road

By Dave Kelly, co-author of “Hiking Loreto”

The Yellow Brick Road is an easy short hike with an optional longer loop, and wonderful views. This hike is just a short drive from Loreto and easy to find. Drive south from Loreto on Highway Mexico 1 past Nopolo and Loreto Bay. As the highway reaches the top of the hill, look for a parking area on the left at a fence with a broken gate. Park here on the outside of the gate.

You will see an old road zig-zagging up the hillside to the south, this is the route. Walk through (or around) the gate, be sure to close the gate. The road immediately on the left goes up to the cell tower and a nice view of Loreto Bay. The road going straight is a dead end. Walk diagonally to the right across a large flat area about 50 meters to the obvious road heading East. Follow this up the hillside past a few switchbacks to a clearing at the top. From here, follow a good trail north along the ridge, over a hilltop to the summit. It’s about 30-40 minutes to the top.

Either return the way you came, or to make a nice loop, look for a trail heading north a short ways before the summit. This trail is more difficult with some loose footing, so be sure to wear good hiking shoes. Follow this down a bit then up and along a scenic ridge over several small peaks. At the end of the ridge drop steeply down, cross a saddle, then climb up to the final summit. From the summit, backtrack a short distance and follow a good trail heading west. This will meander along a rolling ridge and take you down to your car (along the way you will also pass another trail heading down towards the golf course). Now either head to Vista El Mar (The Clam Shack) for a cerveza and lunch! It’s just a mile or so south on the beach.


hiking loreto cover

Find this hike and more in the Hiking Loreto guide book, available in Loreto at: The Rick Jackson Gallery, Caballo Blanco bookstore, Geckos Curios and Gavilon.

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