Peninsula Picks: Best Fish Tacos

One of Baja’s most iconic dishes, the fish taco, is also one of the cheapest and easiest foods to enjoy along the peninsula. The battered fish is usually served with just a corn tortilla, and toppings such as cabbage, pickled onions, salsas, and crema, are added by the customer. Go early in the day, as the fish taco is traditionally eaten for breakfast or lunch (not dinner), and is best found at taco carts and hole-in-the-wall stands where they close up shop when the food is all gone for the day. Here are five of our favorite spots along the peninsula to enjoy the tasty treat.


Tacos Fenix

Tacos Fenix

Location: Ensenada, BC

Information: Ave. Espinoza #451, 8am-8pm Mon.-Sat.

Why We Love It: Since 1970, Tacos Fenix has been considered by locals to be the king of fish tacos in Ensenada. Ensenada is largely considered by most to be the home of the fish taco—although don’t tell San Felipe, where they claim the same title. There’s no seating at Tacos Fenix, locals and foodies gather around on the sidewalk to enjoy a quick and savory fish or shrimp taco from the famous street cart.

DBTC Insider Tip: There are a couple of street carts on this block so foodies can check out multiple stops in one location.


Taquería y Mariscos Adriana

Location: San Felipe, BC

Information: Malecón #196, tel. 011-52-686-212-7747

Why We Love It: Rumor has it that this is the taco joint that inspired the U.S. Rubio’s fish taco chain. Whether or not the rumor is true, Maria Soledad has been running this popular taco stand for over 30 years. In addition to tacos they also serve seafood cocktails.

DBTC Insider Tip: The cheery and casual spot on the malecón can get busy, but there are tables set up near the stand and also spilling out onto the boardwalk.


Titos mariscos fish tacos

Tito’s Mariscos

Location: Rosarito, BC

Information:, Calle José Haros Aguilar, 8am-5pm daily, tel. 011-52-661-120-0657

Why We Love It: There aren’t many places where you can pay less than US$1 for a meal and walk away feeling stuffed. Unlike traditional fish taco stands where you’ll be served just the tortilla and fish and add the toppings yourself, the Tito’s fish tacos come loaded and ready to go. Each one is a meal in itself if you order it con todo (with everything).

DBTC Insider Tip: There are numerous locations throughout Tijuana and Rosarito but we think the one in Rosarito located across the street from the Soriana is definitely the best.


Tacos El Muelle

Tacos El Muelle

Location: Guerrero Negro, BCS

Information: Emiliano Zapata #12, 10:30am-3pm daily

Why We Love It: This popular spot is affectionately referred to as “Tony’s Tacos”, because the owner, Tony, has been personally serving up fish and shrimp tacos to locals and tourists every day for 25 years.

DBTC Insider Tip: Look for a taco truck on the main drag painted like a gray whale (this is Guerrero Negro after all) and you’ll know you’ve arrived.


Tacos El Estadio

Tacos El Estadio

Location: La Paz, BCS

Information: Independencia at Guillermo Prieto, tel. 011-52-612-157-2472

Why We Love It: This rustic spot has been serving up fish and shrimp tacos since 1979 and is one of the most popular spots in La Paz for locals. Go early as long lines form around lunchtime and they close in the early afternoon when the food runs out.

DBTC Insider Tip: Unlike most other taco spots, you have to pay before you eat at El Estadio, so you’ll need to pay with the cashier first and then get in line to get your tacos.



8 thoughts on “Peninsula Picks: Best Fish Tacos

  1. David Kier says:

    I would add China’s (“Chee-nah”) taco stand in Bahía de los Angeles to the list of excellent taco stands in Baja. I know there are many!

    1. James harris says:

      I’d add tacos by Guss in Cabo. Also Alfonsinas just south of San Filipe off of highway 5.

    2. Rick Advocaat says:

      Chinas in Bahia de Los Angels or Katrina’s in Jesus Maria

  2. Carla King says:

    I discovered Tacos De Pescado Y Camaron LUPITA on a trip from Ensenada to La Bufadora. It’s immediately off HWY 1 after you turn off onto the 23, so even if you’re not going to La Bufadora it’s convenient to stop. It’s the cleanest establishment I’ve ever seen. The fish tacos are fresh fresh fresh and very quickly and lightly fried. Lots and lots of fresh condiments. A nice seafood soup, too. Open 10-2, closed Tuesdays. More info and lots of photos on Google Maps here:

    PS: I second the recommendation for Tony’s in Guerrero Negro and look forward to trying the others.

    1. Baja Charlie says:

      Lupitas, on the road to La Bufadora. Us who live here full time go there. Closed on Tuesday, and their seven seas soup is excellent. Locals know!!!!

  3. David Baker says:

    “ El Pargito” fish and shrimp tacos , in Todos Santos is also a delishes expearience.

  4. Taquería y Mariscos Adriana is definitely one of our favorites. Love her shrimp tacos also and she’s a very nice lady.

  5. Joyce Hartnett says:

    How can you leave out El Rey del Taco in Loreto? :))

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