Waste My Day: Baja Adventure Videos

Warning! You could waste your entire day if you start this post on Baja adventures over land and sea. Find your favorite adventure, explore new ones, or thrill to an armchair adventure: racing, biking, fishing, diving, kayaking, spearfishing, hiking, and herping (yes, herping) among them. Enjoy!


On the road

Let’s start with episode 9 of the BFG 50 Best of Baja, where OffRoad Extreme’s Cameron Steele and the Desert Assassins riders “give us an inside look at the most iconic landmarks and trails in the Baja Peninsula. From the legendary pit stop that is Coco’s Corner Ranch, to the hidden ocean cove, Agua Verde, the Baja Peninsula is filled with off-road landmarks waiting to be explored.”

Fish camps, roads that aren’t roads, hidden beaches, trails you shouldn’t ride, trails you should ride… these videos are pretty awesome and will give you a taste of the hard and soft adventures possible in Baja.

OffRoad Extreme Best of Baja Carla King Discover Baja

Find the entire video series and other Baja-centered videos on the Off-Road Extreme site. Warning! You could waste your entire day watching these!

Discover Baja Carla King OffRoad Extreme Videos

If you’re traveling by motorcycle you’ll also want to check out my post on Adventure Motorcycle Hangouts in Baja. Bring stickers!


Bicycling the Baja Divide

What’s it like to ride a 2735 km off-pavement “bike-packing” route from San Diego to La Paz? Well, here you go. Even if you don’t bicycle, this is one of my favorite videos.


Kayak fishing

Do you love to kayak? How about kayak fishing? Watch this video of a kayak fisher catch and release a 150-pound striped Marlin. What a fight!


Kayak touring

These guys went on a 30-day kayak trip on the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe to Mulege. I’d love to do this. (Though I think they should have gone just a bit farther to Bahia Concepcion.) Enjoy the slideshow with video clips.



Is diving or spearfishing your thing? Go on a trip to Thetis Point in this video. It takes strength and stamina to wrestle these big fish into the boat… that is if the sharks don’t get them first.


Spearfishing with Great White Sharks

How do you feel about spearfishing with a Great White Shark hanging around? You can do it virtually.


Scuba diving

Here is one of my favorite Baja underwater compilations. Whale sharks, hammerheads, schools of fish, Lots of cute sea lion action here.


Scuba diving with a Humbolt squid

Warning! This next video is a little scary. Maybe you don’t want to dive at night because that’s when the Humboldt squid come out to feed. Some of them are very large. This one came out to play with the BBC Earth crew. Would you do it?

Find out more about the giant “red devil” in this National Geographic video.


Baja Herping Adventure

There is really something for everybody in Baja. Let’s go on this trip that begins with snakes. Did you know that there’s an “insectivorous” rattlesnake? Find it here! Behold the Five-toed Worm Lizard, aka the Mexican mole lizard, found nowhere else on the planet. Fabulously produced by Herpers TV. Who knew?


Check out this Baja Norte hiking spot

I want to do this El Salto canyon hike next time I pass by on the Tijuana—Ensenada Libre Highway at KM 76. Not too strenuous and a waterfall and swimming hole.


Your favorite videos?

Do you have a favorite Baja video or channel? Link to them in the comments below. Thanks!

There are lots more adventures where those came from!

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Carla King, overland adventure writerCarla King is a longtime adventure travel journalist and author who spends much of the winter in the Mulege area halfway down the peninsula on the Sea of Cortez.



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