Loreto’s Isla Coronado

Loreto Isla Coronado

By Dave Kelly, co-author of Hiking Loreto

Isla Coronado can be seen to the north of Loreto and is located in the Bay of Loreto National Marine Park. It is the smallest of the five uninhabited islands within this beautiful National Park. It is one of the only places in Loreto where white sandy beaches can be found with sparkling blue green water. There is much to see and do on this volcanic island, such as hiking, snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, and exploring. Getting to the island is easy, as trips can be arranged at the local marina in Loreto. The trip is usually voyaged in a panga, a small fishing boat.

Loreto Isla Coronado SealionsYou can arrange for guides who will take you around the island as well. Here you will see a sea lion colony and fantastic rock formations, and be able to snorkel with thousands of fish, followed by lunch on the beautiful white sand beach on the west side of the island. While on your 30-minute trip from the mainland, it is possible to see whales and dolphins, giant manta rays leaping from the water, sea turtles, flying fish, and countless birds.

The local guides and pangueros have done an exceptional job of creating paths and trails across the island. Many of these easy trails wander through the diverse vegetation and scenic shoreline. The main hiking trail crosses the desert and then ascends steeply through volcanic scree up to the summit cone at 950 feet in elevation. While the trail is not very long, it is rugged with tricky footing and requires good hiking skills and good footwear. It can also be extremely hot during the warmer months, so plenty of water is necessary. Once at the summit, the crater becomes clearly visible. There are spectacular views in every direction.

When visiting Loreto, be sure not to miss this unique experience.

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One thought on “Loreto’s Isla Coronado

  1. Marco says:

    Last summer I was in Loreto on a guys fishing trip. Our boat captain offered to take us to the island for lunch after a morning of fishing. Crystal blue water, snorkeling, grilled fish we caught that morning and a fantastic ceviche made from what they call chocolate clams. And of course ice cold beers. There was a hatch of some beautiful blue and yellow butterfly’s that covered the island. It truly is a memorable place.

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