May 2017 Baja Bulletin

sea shepherd operation milagro - vaquitaSea Shepherd Fighting to Save the Last of the Vaquita

Sea Shepherd has enacted “Operation Milagro” (operation miracle) to help save the last of the vaquita in the Sea of Cortez around San Felipe. The vaquita is a small marine porpoise and the most endangered marine mammal in the world, with less than 60 still believed to be alive. In partnership with the Mexican government and Navy, Sea Shepherd is working to protect the waters of the vaquita refuge, patrol for poachers, and collect data to share with the scientific community. The largest threat to the vaquita is the gillnets that the local fishermen use to catch the totoaba fish. The Chinese believe that the swim bladder of the totoaba fish has healing properties (an unproven belief), and the totoaba swim bladders can sell for up to $20,000USD per kilo in the markets in China. The vaquita get caught in these illegal totoaba gillnets and perish. To learn more about Sea Shepherd’s effort to save the vaquita, or to donate to the cause, please see the Sea Shepherd website.


Food Permitted into Mexico from the U.S.

We’re often asked what food items travelers are permitted to take into Mexico from the U.S. Here’s a helpful document (in English) from the Mexican government that you can use for reference. It may be a good idea to print and have with you in case of any misunderstandings at the border.


IMG_5584Alcohol Permitted into the U.S. from Mexico

As we’re approaching busy season for Valle de Guadalupe, a reminder that CBP will only permit California residents crossing from Baja into California by land (pedestrian or vehicle) to bring 1 liter of alcohol per adult every 31 days. More specifics can be found on the ABC website.



Required Pet Paperwork

If you are flying into Mexico with your cat or dog, you will be required to show proof of rabies, a health certificate from a veterinarian, and proof from the veterinarian that the cat or dog is free from internal and external parasites (tapeworm and ticks) and has been treated against these in the past six months. You must have a completed International Health Certificate (APHIS form 7001) or an accredited veterinarian certificate. See more information on pet requirements entering Mexico from APHIS.


boys & girls club rosaritoThe Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito

The Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito, which recently opened in a new location, was robbed a few weeks ago. To help fundraise, the club will be hosting a Club-A-Thon event on Saturday, May 13th. The club gives 600 at-risk kids in Rosarito a place to go every day and offers them academic, sport, cultural, and human development programs. You can also make a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito via PayPal on the Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito website.


The Eagles Sue Hotel California in Todos Santos

Anyone who has been to Todos Santos is familiar with the Hotel California and the rumors that surround the fact that the hotel may or may not have been associated with the Eagles’ famous “Hotel California” song. The Eagles have recently filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles seeking damages and a halt to any infringement against the Hotel California in Todos Santos. The lawsuit claims that the hotel sells merchandise featuring the band’s name and that the hotel encourages consumers to believe that the hotel is associated with the famous song (it’s not in any way). Hotel California opened in 1950 and has undergone many name changes over the decades, most recently switching back to the original “Hotel California” name when the current owners, Debbie and John Stewart, took over the property in 2001. The Eagles’ “Hotel California” was released in 1976.


Vendimia paella fest

Concurso de Paellas Festival: August 20, 2017

The date for the Concurso de Paellas, which closes out Valle de Guadalupe’s Fiestas de la Vendimia wine harvest festival has been announced as Sunday, August 20, 2017. As always, Discover Baja will be your premier source for Vendimia information in English and we will let everyone know when tickets have gone on sale.



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