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March Baja Fishing Report

By Gary Graham By any yardstick you choose as a measuring device, the first two months of 2015 in Northern Baja fishing has been remarkable. As an example, the Coronado Islands have been producing good catches of both yellowtail and bottom fish for both trailer and sport boats. Of course, the larger sport boats have… Read more »

Buen Provecho: Verde y Crema

By Jennifer Kramer One of the newer hot spots to hit the culinary scene in Tijuana is the understated but incredibly splendid restaurant, Verde y Crema. Owner Chef Jair Tellez is also responsible for bringing us us the acclaimed Laja in the Valle de Guadalupe so right away you know you’re in for a… Read more »

Cabañas CuatroCuatros


By Caitlin Trimble Photos by Antonio Flores During the last week of October, I spent the weekend at Cabañas CuatroCuatros. Located eight miles away from Ensenada and 18 miles from the Guadalupe Valley, this concept resort is easily viewable from the road and stands out for its circular shaped vineyards, dotted with wooden sailboats used… Read more »

Jesuits at Baja California Missions

Baja Missions

Jesuits at Baja California Missions, 1697-1768. By David Kier ©2015 During the seventy years of their administration of the California missions, Jesuit priests founded, operated, and managed 17 missions. Eight missions were moved after their founding, usually to better water supplies. Four of the missions that were moved over 15 miles from their founding site… Read more »