Hunting in the Mexicali Valley

hunting baja campo mil

The Mexicali valley, one hour south of the U.S. border at Calexico, provides excellent opportunities for bird hunting.  Dove, quail, pheasant and duck hunters travel here year after year to enjoy the sport.  Guns and even ammunition are highly illegal in Mexico, UNLESS you obtain the proper permits.  Local outfitters help American hunters with gun registration, and “tags” for the various species.  Guns are inspected and permitted by the Mexican military at ports of entry during the first border crossing of the season. The outfitters also organize UMAs and arrange with local farm owners for permission to hunt in their fields. Once you are registered with an UMA, there are thousands of acres of farm land to hunt on.  Guides are also required, but almost any Mexican National can be licensed for a small fee for the season, and accompany the hunters at very reasonable rates.

Campo Mil is located along the quiet waters of the Rio Hardy, at the western edge of the Colorado River Delta, within the Mexicali Valley.  The Campo provides a seasonal home for many hunters, and also offers short and long term lodging for other outdoor enthusiasts.  



10 thoughts on “Hunting in the Mexicali Valley

  1. Bill Cogdall says:

    Nice Website!!!!!!
    Please advice me on how to find UMAs or Bird hunting outfitters in the Baja and around Mexicali??
    Thank you,

    1. Discover Baja says:

      Hi Bill, you can find some more information on hunting on the Baja California state tourism website at:

  2. Robert Leahey says:

    Looking forward to the bird hunting in Mexico, pheasants chucker !

    1. Bill Cogdall says:

      Hi Robert,

      I am always interested in bird hunting………in fact I had an outfitter cancel a pheasant hunt that I was to be on next Monday not enough people to go……….if you have any names of outfitters around Mexicali I sure could use another one.
      FYI I have been hunting for quite a while, just retired and looking for cool stuff to do.

  3. Greg Seger says:

    I am interested in hunting in this area. I have recently moved to San Felipe, El Dorado Ranch. I like to hunt pheasants, doves, ducks and geese. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!


    1. Discover Baja says:

      Hi Greg,

      You can find some more information about hunting in the region on the website for state tourism:


  4. Greg Butler says:

    Is it legal to hunt pigeons in Baja and Sonora? Are tags required? Is there a season?

    Thank you.

    1. Discover Baja says:

      Hi Greg, if you go to the following link there are images you can click on that will give you more information about seasons, species, outfitters, and obtaining a permit for hunting.

  5. Greg Seger says:

    Please send me more info

  6. chuck engs says:

    We will be staying here the Oct 6-10
    We want to hunt
    What is available?

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