Cross Border Airport Bridge between San Diego and Tijuana

Cross Border Xpress San Diego Tijuana


UPDATE January 2016: The Cross Border Xpress airport bridge is now open. You can see get tips and more information by reading our Cross Border Xpress Article.

The pedestrian cross-border airport bridge between San Diego and Tijuana’s Rodríquez airport is set to open summer 2015. The project is called “Cross Border Xpress” and is expected to serve the 2.4 million passengers who cross between San Diego and Tijuana as a part of their travels.

The privately-funded project will open up a border crossing limited to ticketed passengers. People will be able to park their cars in San Diego and pay a toll (estimated to be between $13 and $17) to cross over a pedestrian bridge to get to the Tijuana airport. This will enable people to fly out of Tijuana airport and avoid long waits at the regular San Ysidro and Otay Mesa border crossings. The facility will include indoor and outdoor patio areas for passengers and guests, retail, food and beverages, fully bilingual customer service and short- to long-term parking.

For more information, see the full Press Release



One thought on “Cross Border Airport Bridge between San Diego and Tijuana

  1. Vicki Stephens says:

    This is wonderful news. Hopefully the flights will open up to all of Baja. LaPaz and Cabo

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