Motorhome Temporary Import Permits

All registered motorhomes entering Baja now need to have a Temporary Importation Permit (TIP).

Discover Baja is processing 10-year motorhome TIPs for DBTC members. You can fill out the application to get started. Please allow us at least three weeks for processing.

motorhome TIP bajaTo get your temporary importation permit for your motorhome, you can go online to Banjercito to apply for the permit. You will need to start the process about two weeks before heading to Baja, as you will need to allow time for processing and for the permit to be sent to you in the mail. You cannot process the paperwork more than 60 days before heading into Mexico.

Alternatively, you can stop at the border on your way into Baja with your motorhome and paperwork in order. You can go into the Aduanas (customs) building at the border and they will direct you to the Banjercito where you will pay and get your permit. You will need to cross at the San Ysirdo (El Chaparral), Otay Mesa, Tecate, or Mexicali East border crossing. You are NOT able to get your permit at Mexicali West.

You will need to have the motorhome and the following paperwork with you. You need to have the original AND a copy of each of these items as you will be asked to turn in the copies in order to get your permit.

  • Passport or Passport Card
  • FMM, temporary resident or permanent resident visa
  • Motorhome registration or title
  • If there is a lienholder on the motorhome, you will need to have a letter from the lienholder granting permission to take the motorhome to Mexico

There are two types of motorhome TIPs:

RV motorhome baja TIP10-Year Motorhome TIPs

Use if:

  • You have a motorhome (designated MH or CCH on registration) and are NOT towing accessories—ie: dirt bike, 4 wheeler, wave runner, utility trailer, toy box, canoe, kayak
  • You are towing a 5th wheel or a travel trailer (the 5th wheel or travel trailer will need a 10-year TIP, the towing vehicle will need a six-month TIP)

About the 10-year TIP:

  • Valid for 10 years
  • Good for multiple entry
  • Permits can be completed no more than 60 days before entry into Mexico
  • Cost is about US$52, does not require an additional deposit
  • You will need a copy of your passport and motorhome registration
  • If you are towing accessories (ie: dirt bike, 4 wheeler, wave runner, utility trailer, toy box, canoe, kayak), you will not be permitted to use a 10-year permit and must get a six-month permit (see below)
  • Discover Baja is able to process 10-year TIPs FOR MOTORHOMES ONLY (not for 5th wheels or travel trailers) for members of Discover Baja for a $45 fee. Please allow three weeks for processing. Download the application.

Six-Month Motorhome TIPs

Use if:

  • You are driving a motorhome towing accessories (ie: dirt bike, 4 wheeler, wave runner, utility trailer, toy box, canoe, kayak)
  • You are a motorhome towing another vehicle—a car, a truck or street-legal motorcycle (the motorhome will get a 10-year TIP but the vehicle will only get a six-month TIP. The motorhome can stay in Mexico but the car or truck will have to exit Mexico within six months in order to get the deposit back)
  • You are a vehicle towing a 5th wheel or travel trailer with a 10-year TIP

About the six-month TIP:

  • One time use, NOT good for multiple entry
  • Permits can be completed no more than 60 days before entry into Mexico
  • If you are a motorhome towing accessories, you will need to exit the country with the same accessories
  • The TIP needs to be returned to the Banjercito office when leaving the country
  • In addition to the cost for the TIP (about US$52), a refundable deposit will need to be paid on each vehicle (car, truck, or street-legal motorcycle). The value depends on the value of the vehicle but normally ranges from US $200-600. The deposit will be refunded when you exit the country and return your TIP.
  • Discover Baja is not able to process six-month TIPs


DBTC Insider Tips:

-If you are obtaining the TIP at the border, you will need to have the motorhome with you.

-A vehicle can no longer tow another vehicle into Mexico (ie a truck cannot tow a car into Mexico). If you need to tow another vehicle, we recommend that you have someone drive the second vehicle across the border if possible and then hook up to tow the vehicle once across the border.

-There are weight restrictions for vehicles that are NOT motorhomes getting vehicle TIPs for mainland. The GVWR cannot be more than 7,716 pounds (3.5 tons) if the vehicle is not a motorhome. Baja Sur will NOT issue TIPs for non-motorhome vehicles over that weight. There’s a possibility that they may issue the vehicle TIP along the California/Baja California border, but it depends on customs clearing the vehicle. Getting a TIP at the California/Baja California border does not guarantee that if you are exiting Mexico and entering again, they will reissue a TIP if your vehicle is overweight.


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