Via Internacional Construction – Detour and Directions

Via Internacional Construction Tijuana 4

UPDATE July 4, 2016: The regular entrance to Via Internacional is currently OPEN from the southbound El Chaparral border crossing at San Ysidro. However, construction continues so we want you to be prepared in the case that they close the entrance again and direct traffic to use the detour depicted below.



Via Internacional Tijuana Construction Detour Directions 1

1. When you cross the southbound border at El Chaparral, San Ysidro, the usual entrance to the Playas de Tijuana/Rosarito toll road to the right will be closed. Stay over toward the left and follow signs for “CENTRO/ZONA RIO”


Via Internacional Tijuana Construction Detour Directions 2

2. Continue up the ramp following signs for “PASEO DE LOS HEROES/CENTRO”


Via Internacional Tijuana Construction Detour Directions 3

3. Stay in the right lane and take the ramp for “PLAYAS DE TIJUANA/MEX 1 ROSARITO CUOTA”

Continuing on this ramp will take you directly onto Via Internacional to the toll road.

*NOTE: Be careful at this last step where there’s an orange detour sign for “Playas de Tijuana Rosarito-Ensenada” with a misleading arrow that points to the left. Ignore the arrow and take the ramp to the RIGHT, as in the directions above.*

Via Internacional Tijuana detour sign


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11 Responses to “Via Internacional Construction – Detour and Directions”

  1. ron Faulkner

    Thanks for the clear directions during the construction. We are heading to Rosarito on Friday.

    Mil gracis

  2. jim linnell

    thank you for making our trip a lot easier going home much appreciated.

  3. Chuck Smith

    Well done. So it looks like we wind up on the same on-ramp we used to use before Mexico opened their new Border Station. East enough!

  4. Hector Culver

    My wife and I crossed south at the San Ysidro border on the 3rd of April and were surprised to see the detour, following the signs to Rosarito took us nearly across TJ towards the Libre Road. Fortunately, I spent part of my childhood growing up in TJ and knew I had to get on 2nd street to get to the Toll Rd.
    Your detour map is GREAT and should be a big help for anyone looking for a way to the coastal road. Well done!

  5. Tom Coffin

    Great help. Three weeks ago we followed the arrow and ended up on Hwy 2. That highway took us to Rosarito but was at least another 20 minutes of travel. Were leaving in another week and would have followed the wrong arrow AGAIN without this.Thanks DB.

  6. Karen Popovec

    We’ve been residents of Bajamar for many years. We don’t get to Baja as much as we’d like.
    Have our Sentri Passes but haven’t found the correct lane to take advantage. (once in Otay)
    Had a speed Pass from the Bajamar Hotel to the San Ysidro border-but never found the lane.
    We plan to go down soon-but my sister said the Ensenada toll road entrance is closed to the Cuota Rd.
    We’re hoping these pictures and directions get us to the Ensenada Toll Road or Rosarito.


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